Hebron High School's AP Policy

Students must report to their assigned exam room 1/2 hour prior to posted exam start times.  8:00 AM exams have a 7:30 AM report time, and 12:00 PM exams have an 11:30 AM report time.  Please bring #2 pencils and blue/black ink pens.

No electronic devices are allowed in the testing room.  ALL cell phone and smart watches must be turned completely OFF and placed in your backpack at the front of the room prior to testing.  Failure to follow this policy may result in your test being invalidated as well as put in danger the test validity of an entire room.

If you are taking an exam in which a calculator is allowed, your calculator will be checked to ensure it is an approved calculator.  There is limited availability of calculators to borrow during the exam.

There will be spare pens and pencils available in the exam room and one scheduled restroom break.

No food or drink is allowed at your testing seat.

You will be assigned a seat at check in.  

Failure to follow any rules either printed within the registration documents, the AP student manual, or during the test itself will result in a canceled nonrefundable exam and may include disciplinary consequences as well.

We are using Total Registration to pre-bubble the answer documents this year.  YOU MUST CHECK THAT ALL INFORMATION SUBMITTED ON THE REGISTRATION IS ACCURATE!!  The student name must be your legal name that is in Skyward as well as your student ID (numbers only...no letters).  Please be sure your grade level, home address, as well as your email address is correct!!!  If for some reason we need to have a pre-bubbling session, we will send out notification through Total Registration.  Once again, please be sure your email and cell number are accurate in the registration system.

Reminder:  There are NO refunds for AP exams.  Please be sure payment is made online or with CASH in Suite B by 4:00 pm Friday, March 9, 2018.

If you have specific questions, please call or email Mrs. Robichaux (robichauxv@lisd.net) or Mrs. Pehl (pehll@lisd.net).


Mrs. Vanessa Robichaex and Mrs. Lisa Pehl


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