Lapeer High School's AP Policy

Student must report to the designated AP test center (CFI) at least 15 minutes prior to exam start time of 7:45 for morning exams and 11:45 for afternoon exams. 

Students are responsible to bring their own approved calculator (see list on to the appropriate exam.  NOTE:  Biology students should bring a four-function calculator (with square root function) to their exam.  Students are also responsible to bring writing tools (#2 pencils and blue- or black-ink pen) and erasers.

Students may not bring food, drink, books, mechanical pencils, highlighters, watches that beep, computers or scratch paper to the testing room.

Cell Phones and other electronic communications devices, including MP3 players and iPods, are forbidden in the testing room.  Per College Board policy, students are reminded that use of social media during the exam, or unauthorized discussions about test items after the exam on social media, will result in cancellation of their score with no refund.


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