York Community High School's AP Policy

Report time for morning exams is 7:30 am

Report time for afternoon exams is 12:30 pm

Absolutely NO cell phones, iPods, fit bits, smart watches, back packs, drinks, books, notebooks, etc. in an exam room at any time.  Students who bring these items will be sent to their locker & risk missing an exam if the doors close. 

Each student should have at least 2 #2 pencils and at least 2 blue or black ink pens for all exams.  NO MECHANICAL PENCILS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR AP EXAMS!

ATTENDANCE POLICY - all students must report on time for an exam and will remain in the exam room until the proctors dismiss all students.  The doors will close at 8:00 am for morning exams and 1:00 pm for afternoon exams.

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