Temecula Valley High School's AP Policy

TVHS Exam Day Information and Policies

Communication about AP Tests at TVHS

Keep an eye out for email alerts that will provide you more specific information as AP Testing approaches.  All significant communications about AP testing will be communicated to the email addresses that you provided during the registration process.

Showing Up on Test Day

Because some of our exams will be administered at the nearby Methodist Church, students meet in front of the school at an appointed time. Students taking the test in the morning should expect to meet at 7:00 AM in front of the main gate by the 200 Building. Students taking the test in the afternoon will be released from class at the appropriate time. If your test is at the Methodist Church, a Campus Supervisor will escort your group there. You may not drive yourself to the church and park there. 

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Pay careful attention to the AP Bulletin that you received in December. It lists very specifically the things you may bring to the test and the things you may not bring.  Be sure to bring your ID card, number 2 pencils, and a pen with black or dark blue ink.  Check the rules on calculators, measuring implements, and watches. Other than approved calculators, do not bring electronics of any kind, including cell phones. You can not have smart watches or watches that beep. You may not bring mechanical pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, etc. Anything other than approved items like pencils will be left outside the testing room, perhaps unattended, including food and backpacks.

Test Security

In order to make sure everyone's test results remain valid, we will pay utmost attention to test security. Please read pages 3-4 of the AP Bulletin that you received in January. On exam day, expect TVHS proctors to hold you strictly to the highest standard of expectations, including bringing only approved items into the exam room, following closely all instructions delivered by your proctors, and conducting yourself in a manner appropriate to a high stakes testing situation.

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