Conard High School's AP Policy

Testing security is of the utmost importance in AP exam administration.  The following rules are determined by College Board. These rules are not negotiable and any student who violates the rules will be dismissed and their exam(s) will be cancelled.

·         No food or drink is allowed in the testing room unless preauthorized by College Board in advance due to a medical condition.

·         No electronic equipment (cell phone, smart phone, laptop, tablet, portable listening device, cameras, etc.) is allowed in the testing room.

·         No electronic devices (listed above) can be accessed during the breaks.

·         Students who arrive late to the exam will not be admitted to the exam room and will not be allowed to arrange for makeup testing.  Exam fee will be forfeited.

·         No student will be released from the exam until the exam is finished and all materials have been collected and counted.   PLEASE PLAN ALL APPOINTMENTS ACCORDINGLY.

·         Please bring only materials (pens, pencils, calculators if allowed) to the exam room.  Students are unable to access materials at any time during the testing time period.

·         Proctors are not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought to the testing room and confiscated.

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