Carlton J Kell High School's AP Policy

AP Exam Policies

If for any reason a student does not show up for their scheduled exam, money will not be refunded, and make-ups will only be permitted if it is for a College Board approved reason.  Students should arrive at the designated time for their exam (7:30am for 8:00am start times, and 11:30am for 12pm start times). Students are not permitted to enter the testing room once the test has begun; if a student is late, no entry will be allowed, and no refunds will be given.  

Students must provide their own transportation to school for morning exams since bus arrival is sometimes after the designated start time. Afternoon exams can sometimes extend beyond the school day; therefore, students should also plan on afternoon transportation other than the bus. 

Electronics and any other communication devices, like cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets or anything else that can access the internet, any cameras or other photographic equipment, or even any watches that beep or have an alarm are not allowed within the testing room, so please leave them at home, in the car, or locked up in lockers. 

Finally, as a friendly reminder, students should NOT email, text, post, or in any other way circulate AP Exam information through any kind of social media, or your AP Exam score may be canceled and you could also be banned from taking future AP Exams. You may talk about the free-response questions from the regularly scheduled exam two days AFTER the exam and ONLY if your particular free-response questions have been posted to the College Board website. 



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