Mountain Pointe High School's AP Policy



AP requires stringent exam security procedures. Before your take an AP exam every student and parent must read the following statements carefully as College Board and the AP program makes NO exceptions.

  • I agree NOT to bring prohibited items to the exam, including but not limited to cell phones, watches that beep, computers, MP players, etc.  I ACCEPT THAT ANY VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN MY DISMISSAL FROM THE EXAM, LOSS OF EXAM FEES, AND IMMEDIATE CONFISCATION OF THE ITEM, WHICH WILL THEN BE TURNED OVER TO AP for their security investigation.
  • I agree that the ONLY places I will be during the entire exam period (including  the break) are the exam room or the closest restroom.
  • During the break between exam sections, I agree not to use any technological devices, including a phone, computer, etc., nor discuss the exam content with anyone, including students and teachers.
  • I agree not to discuss the free-response section of the exam with anyone, including teachers, until 3 school days after the exam.  I will NEVER reveal the content of the multiple-choice section to anyone, INCLUDING MY AP TEACHERS. 

AP is serious about this! Students have actually had their AP scores cancelled because they violated the cell phone policy. Because it costs over a MILLION DOLLARS to develop a replacement exam, AP will take legal action against anyone who compromises the security or secrecy of exam questions. You’ve worked hard for this—don’t throw it away through carelessness!




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