Wheeler High School's AP Policy

CELL PHONES AND ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE BROUGHT TO THE SCHOOL FOR ANY REASON.  LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR OR AT HOME.  Students will ONLY NEED to bring some form of identification to verify who they are i.e., passport, student ID, driver's license.  All students MUST make prior arrangements for transportation to and from school on their designated days of testing.  Students who have 8 AM exams are cautioned against taking the school bus.  If the bus is late and the seal of the test has been broken, students will not be permitted to take the exam and no money will be refunded.  Any student needing to use the phone will be permitted to use the school's phone.   VIOLATIONS TO THIS POLICY WILL RESULT IN THE CANCELLATION OF YOUR EXAMS AND NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED! Parents will be required to sign up for Remind, which will communicate exam end times for student pick up.

Students are asked to bring THREE to FIVE Number 2 Pencil, at least two pens (blue or black ink) and the recommended calculator used for the specific test.

Students may bring a snack for break times.  Especially, if you are taking back-to-back exams.  

Students are not allowed to discuss the exam until scores are published in July per the College Board.


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