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What to Bring to the Exam Room

You want to be prepared with items such as No. 2 pencils for your multiple-choice answer sheet, pens with black or dark blue ink for completing areas on the exam booklet covers and for free-response questions in most exams, and your government-issued or school-issued photo I.D.

If you're taking the AP Biology calculator policy page, Calculus AB calculator policy page, Calculus BC calculator policy page, Chemistry calculator policy page, Physics 1: Algebra-Based calculator policy page, Physics 2: Algebra-Based calculator policy page, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism calculator policy page, Physics C: Mechanics calculator policy page or Statistics calculator policy page Exams, you should bring a calculator approved for use on designated parts of the exam.

What Not to Bring to the Exam Room

You don’t want to bring any electronic equipment or communication devices, like cell phones, smart phones, tablets or anything else that can access the Internet, any cameras or other photographic equipment, or even any watches that beep or have an alarm. You may not have any food or drink in the exam room, including bottled water.

A complete listing of “What to Bring to the Exam Room” and “What NOT to Bring to the Exam Room” can be found in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.


During the break between Sections I and II of your AP Exam, or during any other unscheduled breaks, you are not allowed to consult textbooks, notes, teachers or other students; and you may not use any electronic or communication devices, like your cell phone, for any reason.

Also, you may not leave the building at any time during the exam administration, including during a scheduled break.

Remember, whether it is during breaks or after the exam, you must not communicate anything to anyone, including your classmates and your teachers, about the multiple choice questions that appeared on your AP Exam.

Discussing Exam Questions

Do not email, text, post or in any other way circulate AP Exam information through any kind of social media, or your AP Exam score may be canceled and you could also be banned from taking future AP Exams.

Also, while you are able to talk about the free-response questions from the regularly scheduled exam, you can only do so after two days and if your particular free-response questions have been posted to the College Board website.

The AP Exam is intended to be a fair assessment of your academic ability. Sharing exam information in any unauthorized way compromises the integrity of the exam for all AP students, and for the colleges and universities that grant credit or advanced placement for qualifying AP scores.

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