Brien Mcmahon High School's AP Policy

Important Information

Exam Length: Planning for After School Activities

While most exams last about three hours, additional time is needed for directions and breaks.  Students should allot a minimum of FOUR hours for each exam.

Please plan transportation and after school activities accordingly. Students are REQUIRED to stay the full length of an exam. YOU CAN NOT LEAVE FOR SPORTS. No exceptions are permitted! INFORM YOUR COACH!

World Language Recordings can take more than 5 hours. Bring a bag lunch with your name clearly marked on the bag.


Attendance Information

Your name will be on the attendance bulletin to excuse you from classes, but you are responsible for all work missed. Be sure to communicate with your teachers!

Students who plan to attend school for AP testing only (i.e. either leaving school early after a morning exam or arriving to school late for an afternoon exam) MUST bring a parent note excusing the partial day absence.

All notes should be turned into the Main Office on or before exam day. The absence will be excused ONLY if a parent note is received prior to the start of the exam. Note, the absence will be excused, but will count towards the seven absences allowed for the quarter.


Materials to Bring to Testing

  • Sharpened #2 pencils with erasers
  • Pen with black or dark blue ink
  • Photo ID
  • Approved calculator, extra batteries (calculus, statistics, physics) - see for the list of approved calculators
  • A ruler or straightedge (Physics only)


  • Cell phones or other electronic devices are prohibited at all times. Violation of the cell phone policy may lead to exam disqualification for you and every test-taker.
  • Books or Reference Guides
  • Back packs and opaque snack bags. All bags and pencil cases must be clear and left at the back of the test room. 
  • Watches that beep or have an alarm, All Smart Watches
  • Food or drink of any kind may not consumed at any time during testing. 

Additional Information

  • Visit the CollegeBoard website for additional information about the test materials
  • Review the 2019 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents
  • Contact Ms. Leeds for information or questions regarding the registration process.
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