Bayside High School's AP Policy

Thank you for registering for your AP Exam(s). Please read the 2011-17 AP Bulletin carefully to be prepared prior to the exams.

A copy of the AP Bulletin was made available to all AP students in January. For your convenience, you can access the 2016-17 AP Bulletin information here

Students requesting special accommodations for AP exams must submit a request to College Board prior to February 17, 2017 if you have not submitted a request already. Please contact Ms. Holloway, AP Coordinator or Mr. Lawrence, SSD Coordinator in guidance at 757-648-5211 for more information.

Students can gain more helpful exam tips and information by visiting

Most AP Exams will be held away from Bayside High School. A schedule of all testing dates and locations will be made available on the Bayside High School website in April. Transportation will be required to and from all exam locations.

Permission slips will be required for all students taking exams and will be due by April 24th. Permission slips will be made available to all student in April with the testing dates and locations. Students do not need to report to school on AP exam days and the absence will be excused as long as they are present on test day.

Students will be able to access their AP Scores online in July by visiting . Students must create a College Board account to access their scores from that site if they have not created one already.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Holloway directly at 757-648-5215.



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