Carroll High/Sr. High School's AP Policy

  1. Exams starting @ 8:00am, students need to be present to check in at 7:30am.  Exams will begin promptly at 8:00am - anyone arriving late will not be allowed to test.  (Some exams have 200-300 students, it is imperative everyone is on time and arrives early.)
  2. Exams starting @ 12:00pm, students will check in at 11:45am.
  3. Students taking 2 exams in one day (morning and afternoon) need to bring a sack lunch to eat between test sessions
  4. Cell Phones/Smartwatches/Tablets/Computers: are PROHIBITED from the testing room & during breaks.  Any student found with a device during the exam or breaks will be dismissed and answer document will be voided.
  5. Calculators: Students must provide their own calculators and batteries.  Please check to make sure it is working prior to test day.  Review the College Board’s calculator policies to make sure you bring an acceptable calculator for your particular exam.  *Ruler or straightedge is allowed for the Physics exams.
  6. Pencils & Pens:  Mechanical pencils are not allowed.  Pencils and Pens will be provided.
  7. Social Media & Exam Content: College Board is watching!  Any attempt to share or joke about test content will be subject to College Board cancelling your exam.  Please be aware and do not talk about or share any information about the exam - do not even make-up pretend test content and post it.  (trust me!)
  8. Other Prohibited Items:  Books, compasses, protractors, correction fluid/tape, dictionaries, highlighters, notes, study guides, colored pencils, scratch paper, watches that make noise, clothing with subject-related information, food or drink.
  9. Snacks & Drinks:  Must be labeled with student's first/last name and left outside the testing room for students to access during breaks or between exams.
  10. Refund Policy:  Students who cancel an exam by Sunday, March 4, 2018 are entitled to a full refund of the exam fee.  After Sunday, March 4 2018 - there are no refunds.
  11. You can view the College Board’s complete policy at

Please download and read the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2017-2018 or pick one up from the Guidance Office.

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