Floyd E Kellam High School's AP Policy

For paper/pencil tests, students should bring several No.2 pencils and pens with black or dark blue ink. Students should bring one or two calculators of the appropriate type only if taking the AP Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics exam,  Rulers or straightedges may be brought only for the AP Physics exams. 

For Digital and World Language exams, students should bring their fully charged chromebook and charging cord. The 2023-2024 digital exams are AP US History, AP European History, AP English Language (11th grade), AP English Literature (12th grade), AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Seminar. Students MUST know their College Board account log-in to access their exam on the day of the test.  

Students should not bring electronic equipment such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, and/or MP3 devices to the testing room. If a student does bring an electronic device into the testing room, it will be collected and held for the duration of the test. A student may wear a traditional watch that does not beep or have an alarm to help keep their time. While eating and drinking are not permitted during the test, students may bring a drink or snack to have during the 10 minute break between sessions.

If a student arrives to the testing location after the test booklets have been opened and testing has begun, they will not be permitted into the test. Those students should contact Mrs. Caruso in the School Counseling office as soon as possible.  

All of College Board's exam policies can be reviewed here

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