South Plainfield High School's AP Policy

Things you should know about the AP exams...

Before the Exam

-You need to create a College Board account, if you don’t already have one, to see your scores in July.  You can create one at any time at:


-If you are taking an afternoon exam, your exam will last until approximately 3:30-4:00PM.  You may want to alert your coach/advisor that you may be late or unable to make a practice/game on the day that you have your afternoon exam.  The proctors will write you a pass to your event after the exam should you need one. 


The Day of the Exam


-Students are not permitted to bring ANY electronic device into the testing room. This includes but is not limited to: cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, iPods, cameras, any item that can access the Internet, and other listening or recording devices. 
On the day of the exam please leave these items at home, in your car, or in your locker.  The proctors will not allow you to store them anywhere in the testing room!


-Any bags that you bring into the exam room with be placed in an area designated by the proctors.  Once the exam begins you are NOT permitted to go into or near your bag for anything at any time.  This includes during the break!


-If you are taking an exam that involves a calculator be sure to bring extra batteries or charge it before the exam.  For AP Science classes, calculators will be provided.  If you are taking an exam that requires a calculator and you do not have one please see Mr. Knarr and he will help you secure one for the test. 


-Arrival time for the morning exam is no later than 7:30AM in your designated location.  (Teachers will announce the room locations when I have them finalized)


-As per Mr. Foscolo, if you have an AM class you will be given an excused absence from that class if you have a morning exam on that day. 


-At 7:45, proctors will lock the door to the exam room.  After this time, NO ENTRY will be permitted to the exam..  If you do not get there on time, you will have to cover the full cost of the exam at $97 and no make-up can be granted.    


-All students taking an afternoon exam should report to their exam location at noon. 


-If for any reason, you have an emergency and are unable to make it to the exam (morning or afternoon).  You must have your parent/guardian call the main office by 7:55AM.  College Board does, in rare circumstances, grant make-up exams so your situation may or may not entitle you to a make-up. 


After the Exam

-Any student choosing not to return to school after their AP exam must have a parent/guardian call the attendance office to let them know that you will not be returning.  Please keep in mind that if you do not return you will be marked as absent for any periods that you miss and those absences will accumulate towards your total absences for that class.  


You can view the College Board’s complete policy at

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