Waukesha South High School's AP Policy

This is a reminder that on the day of any AP test, the following information/policies will be followed:


On the day(s) of your exams, you must do the following:


  1. Arrive at  7:30 A.M. and 11:35 for PM tests ; ALL TESTS will take place in the library unless noted.
  2. Bring two #2 pencils and two black or dark blue pens. Parts of the exam require pen only.
  3. Bring a picture ID if you are not a South High School student.
  4. If you are taking the AP Calculus AB and BC , Physics, Chemistry, or Statistics exam, have an approved graphics calculator with you. A list of approved calculators is attached. You also need a ruler or straightedge for the Physics exam. ( a four-function calculator with square root is allowed for Biology)
  5. Know your social security number. If you choose to provide it, it will appear on your AP Grade Reports. It is not mandatory that you use your social security number. IF YOU USED YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER LAST YEAR, YOU SHOULD USE IT AGAIN THIS YEAR.
  6. If you have an exam in the AM and PM, bring a bag lunch to eat in-between tests. You will be excused from regular classes to be present for exams. It’s always wise to let your teachers know that you will not be in class due to testing.
  7. PLEASE do not bring any cell phones, I-pods, recording/listening devices to the test. PLEASE leave them in your locker. This is a rule as per the College Board. Don’t risk having your device lost or stolen. Remember: For the test, locked up is best!
  8. Do not bring watches that “beep,” any extra books of any kind including novels, scratch paper, or clothing with subject-related information.
  9. Please do not bring back packs, carrying cases, books or class work of any kind. Leave in your locker or the Guidance Office
  10. You should bring some Kleenex and you are welcome to bring water although it MUST be kept on the floor during the actual test.



You will be expected to remain in the testing room for the entire testing period, even if you have finished your exam.  Please plan ahead if you have an athletic event/practice after school you may need to stay until 3:30 PM.



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