La Habra High School's AP Policy

You are currently registering to take AP exams this year.  Taking an AP course and exam is a colloborative effort between you the student, your parent/guardian, the school and CollegeBoard.  Each party plays an important role and must make the committment to meet the necessary expectations to follow through with the entire process.  The student/parent agrees to pay the designated AP fees and the student will take the AP exam on its scheduled date and time as outlined by the Collegeboard.

Students agree to adhere to all the policies and procedures outlined by La Habra High and the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents.  To have a successfull experience, you, the student should be aware of what is expected of you and what the conditions will be in the testing room.  Carefully review the Test Security and Test Administration policies and Procedures outlined in the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents.

Examples of what to bring to exam day: No. 2 pencils, pens (blue or black ink), photo ID, warm clothing, approved calculator for designated tests.

Examples of what not to bring: Electronics, recording devices, smart phones, unapproved calculators.

You may bring food/snacks, but will need to be kept away from testing table.

Be sure to be prompt and report to the designated day and time of your exam.  Your Reporting Time will be given to you by the school.

Students enrolled in LHHS AP courses have committed to a rigorous curriculum in conjunction with an understadning with LHHS teachers to complete the exams.  We do not test non-erolled LHHS students.


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