Roosevelt High School's AP Policy

The following policies will be followed for all students taking AP tests.

Students must be on time for their scheduled exam. Any student arriving late (gym doors closed) may not be allowed to enter and will forfeit the opportunity to take the exam.

Cell phones are not allowed in the testing area. Leave cell phones in your locker or at home. Cell phones seen out, even at break, may invalidate the student's test.

All students must complete the pre-administration questionnaire. This is the 'bubbling info' for individual students and allows for the test to start on time by AP guidelines. This pre-admin session will take place in the Spring closer to the test dates.

Students must provide their own calculators (if needed) for a test. No calculators or batteries will be available on the day of the test.

Students must provide their own #2 pencils for all exams.

Students completing the Spanish language exam must bring their own recording device and cassette. None will be available the day of the test.

Please contact Jo Ellen Hathaway with questions about AP testing policies.



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