Half Hollow Hills HS West's AP Policy

Half Hollow Hills HS West's AP Exam AP Policy

College Board AP Exam Room Policies:

All students are instructed not to bring cell phones or unauthorized electronic devices to their AP test room. 

If you bring a cell phone or other electronic device to the AP test room, it must be turned over to exam proctor before the start of an exam.

Cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted to remain in your backpack, purse, lunch bag, etc.

Any student found in possession of a cell phone or unauthorized electronic device will have the item confiscated and delivered to a school administrator. Equally, the student will be dismissed from the testing room.

Exam Room Break Policies:

During breaks, students are not permitted to use a computer, telephone, send or receive text messages, or use any other communication devices.

Students are not permitted to discuss the content of the AP examination with their peers or with any teacher while the exam is in progress.

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